Largest pics archive of stupid people on the internet
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He still has room to tattoo idiot on his forehead

Gas and a free car wash! I am a genius

The zoom button was broken

I'm assuming his arrest had something related to alcohol

Smart parents...preventing kid from getting sun burn

He makes 5 million a year

Worlds worst parking job

Old pic of Tony Hawk's mother

She wanted to get a really nice picture of her eye

How? Why?

He recently won a gold medal at the Paralympics

In Asian culture it is considered rude to speak loudly

Duct tape bandit... the movie

Hold still you sissy

Not sure how he is going to get out... or how he got stuck in the first place

Must be a brail smartphone.

Actually looks like Banksy art

Still less painful than a root canal

Clearly her brain wasn't one of the options

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